How To Identify Ford Manual Transmission

How To Identify Ford Manual Transmission - Transmission serial number may be found in the manual. It doesn’t matter whether it is an electronic or a paper manual, all the information required is stored there for sure. Moreover, you can find there not only the serial number but some useful pieces of advice, for example, the oil changing schedule or some other instructions.. According to the owners manual, a 1997 Ford Explorer 5 speed manual transmission takes Ford Motorcraft Mercon ATF (automatic transmission fluid). Superformance Transmission Identification Guide This guide will assist you in determining your Superformance car's Transmission model and type that was selected during the installation or subsequent changes and upgrades thereafter..

Ford C6 Automatic Transmission. Find out more about your Ford C6 transmission and how to identify it below.. Ford Manual Transmission ID Guide (under construction) Ford Automatic Transmission ID Guide Auto trans ID, including AOD (reprinted from Car Craft). Use The Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart To Find Transmission Compatibility. Look up a trasnmission by model number and view vehicle applications and compatibility; or search for a vehicle by make and model to display applicable transmission(s)..

Gm 4 Speed Manual Transmission Identification Numbers Muncie 4-speed Transmission (Group 4.000) - Casting Numbers The M22 was produced in 1973 and 1974 for other GM divisions.. Ford transmission identification codes include PEA-AG2 for 1973 E100 through E300 vans with 105-inch wheelbases and six-tooth speedo; PEA-AG3 for the 1974 E100 through E300 vans with six-tooth speedo except in California; PEA-AH2 for the 1973 models with eight-tooth speedo; and PEA-AH3 for 1974 models with eight-tooth speedo except California.. According to some sources, the 1352-249 tag indicates the Ford Motorsports "T5z" transmission, which was specially built for racing applications. The same sources indicate that 1352-251 is the same transmission as a 1352-249, except assembled by Tremec after Borg-Warner stopped production..

In 1958, Ford started using a sprag in the planetary and called the transmission a Cruise-O-Matic. The D position next to neutral started off in second gear and made a shift to third, just like a Ford-O-Matic, and you still had manual L for first gear. But, using the sprag, there was another D position (green dot) that started off in low, shifted to second, and shifted to third, all automatically..

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